Message In A Bottle: A Short Tale of Terror (Land of Fright Book 53)

Message In A Bottle: A Short Tale of Terror (Land of Fright Book 53)

Author: Jack O'Donnell

Format: Kindle Edition

Published: October 13th 2017

A bottle floats onto the beach of a private secluded island with an unnerving message trapped inside.

Message In A Bottle is the fifty-third short horror story in the Land of Fright™ series of horror short stories. The Land of Fright™ series is intended for mature audiences.

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More About Land of Fright™
Land of Fright™ is a world of spine-tingling short stories filled with the strange, the eerie, and the weird. Some of the story realms you visit will intrigue you. Some of them may unsettle you. Some of them may even titillate and amuse you. Many of them will give you chills along your journey. And we hope all of them raise the hairs on the back of your neck and scare the beejezuz out of you.

The Land of Fright™ encompasses the vast expanse of time and space. You will visit the world of the Past in Ancient Rome, Medieval England, the old West, World War II, and others yet to be explored. You will find many tales that exist right here in the Present, tales filled with modern lives that have taken a turn down a darker path. You will travel into the Future to tour strange new worlds and interact with alien societies, or to just take a peek at what tomorrow may bring. And there are many, many new uncharted realms yet to be mapped, so keep checking back for new discoveries.

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