Best Short Novels 2004

Best Short Novels 2004

Author: Jonathan Strahan

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 572 pages

ISBN: 9781582880860

Published: May 2004

Contents: Introduction, essay by Jonathan Strahan. Stories: The Empress of Mars, by Kage Baker (winner, 2004 Sturgeon Award; Nominated, 2004 Hugo Award, 2004 Nebula Award; basis of novel); The Green Leopard Plague, by Walter Jon Williams (winner, 2005 Nebula Award' nominated, 2004 Hugo Award); In Springdale Town, by Robert Freeman Wexler (14th place, 2004 Locus Poll Award); The Swastika Bomb, by John Meaney; Jailwise, by Lucius Shepard (12th place, 2004 Locus Poll Award); Just Like the Ones We Used to Know, by Connie Willis (nominated, 2004 Hugo Award, 2005 Nebula Award); Greetings, by Terry Bisson (14th place, 2004 Locus Poll Award); Awake in the Night, by John C. Wright (19th place, 2004 Locus Poll Award); Off on a Starship, by William Barton (nominated, 2004 Sturgeon Award; 13th place, 2004 Locus Poll Award)