Author: Jane Austen

Format: Paperback

Pages: 462 pages

Language: English

Published: September 8th 2011

"Backgrounds" collects a wealth of source material, much of it new to the Fourth Edition. New material includes Austen's correspondence with her publisher about the business of writing, revealing Austen's view of her own writing and career. In addition, there are two sets of verses--"Kitty, A Fair But Frozen Maid" and "Robin Adair"--referenced in Emma as well as responses (1815-1950) to Austen and her writing from, among others, Charlotte Bront�, Juliet Pollock, Virginia Woolf, D. W. Harding, and Edmund Wilson.

"Reviews and Criticism" includes twelve major interpretations of the novel, nine of them new to the Fourth Edition. New contributors include Jan Fergus, Patricia Meyer Spacks, Tony Tanner, Maaja Stewart, D. A. Miller, Emily Auerbach, Gabrielle D. V. White, Richard Jenkyns, and David Monaghan.

A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included.