Folktales from Ravka: Little Knife, The Too-Clever Fox, The Witch of Duva

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Format: Ebook

Pages: 96 pages

ISBN: 9781627799553

Published: November 17th 2015

From New York Times-bestselling author Leigh Bardugo comes a collection of original folktales steeped in dark magic and superstition. Perfect for new readers or existing fans, these stories offer a mesmerizing glimpse into the lavish world of Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, and Ruin & Rising. These are the tales told by Ravkans around the fire late at night, stories of foxes that speak, rivers that grant wishes, and witches who aren't quite what they seem.

The Witch of Duva: There was a time when the woods near Duva ate girls. . . . or so the story goes. But it's just possible that the danger may be a little bit closer to home.

The Too-Clever Fox: In Ravka, just because you avoid one trap, it doesn't mean you'll escape the next.

Little Knife: A beautiful girl finds that what her father wants for her and what she wants for herself are two different things.