LSAT PrepTests 62-71 Unlocked: Exclusive Data, Analysis Explanations for 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V

Author: Kaplan Inc.

Format: Paperback

Pages: 736 pages

ISBN: 9781506223438

Published: July 4th 2017

Deconstructing 10 actual, official LSAT PrepTests Volume V

Taking a practice test is great practice for the LSAT, but reviewing a practice test afterward is where you really improve. Supercharge your LSAT prep with Kaplan’s comprehensive explanations for PrepTests 62-71.

In Kaplan's LSAT PrepTests 62-71 Unlocked, every question and answer choice is discussed, along with detailed strategies for racking up points. In addition, you’ll see sample sketchwork for logic games and sample roadmaps for reading comprehension passages. If you are new to the LSAT, a glossary offers definitions for terminology that will help you to think like the testmaker.

*PrepTests 62-71 not included. LSAT® is a registered trademark of the Law School Admission Council, which neither sponsors nor endorses this product.