Shut Up & Kiss Me

Author: Chrystal Kincaid

Format: Kindle Edition

Published: November 21 2019

Miss "All-Wrong" . . .

Gillie Dupree, once the terror of her small, south Mississippi hometown, was now the respectable almost-fiancée of a wealthy businessman and a wanna-be Junior Leaguer. With days full of volunteer work and good deeds, Gillie was convinced she had finally escaped the stigma of Hurricane Gillie. But when she accidentally aids and abets a kidnapping, she realizes being a force to be reckoned with has its advantages.

Meets "Mister Always-Right" . . .

By the time Jack 'J.P.' Preston had everything he wanted, the only thing he truly desired was the return of his eight year old daughter. After Jack's estranged ex-wife virtually disappears with Hope, he vows to get her back no matter what it takes---even if it means enlisting the help of sassy, smart-mouthed Gillie Dupree, who rocks his well-ordered, sensible world on its axis.