New book is here! Stripped Expectations

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Hunky Mark is unemployed, penniless and living off the help of his friends. His life orbits around sex encounters that leave him with a bitter aftertaste. He went from skinny tall guy to hunk in a few years, after promising himself not to let anyone beat him again. But Mark still struggles with his self-image because underneath all of his muscles he still feels like a clumsy teenager. His life starts to change when a stranger approaches Mark offering him a job as a stripper. Mark immediately dismisses it as another lame attempt at getting him laid. But his desperate need for money makes him think twice. He ends up surrounded by gorgeous men, his first true love and a past that just refuses to go away.
WARNING: This book contains explicit scenes of consensual sex between men as well as some graphic language. It is intended for a mature, adult audience.

What people are saying

Fantastic and enjoyable read!!! I love it when a book makes me feel a gamut of emotions and this book was no exception. I had “awww” moments and moments where I wanted to bash someone’s head in. This is my kind of book.
Fun, frothy, and yet earthy too! Here’s an enjoyable story, a slice of life about a gay man and his friends, and yet one which goes deeper than a g-string on a well-muscled butt.
A real turn on! Great read! A real turn on! Mark is a sweet hunky guy who is really just looking for love but had fun on the way to it! The whole story is very compelling and really (I mean REALLY) hot! Who wouldn’t want to know a sexy hunky guy like Mark.
A must-read for all gay-erotica fans I really liked to read this book and for a first novel I think that James Lee Hard really did a great work. I got hooked up with Mark since the beginning and just I loved Jason’s sense of humour (who kinda reminded me Samantha from Sex in the City, so you know what to expect from Jason).

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