The long journey ahead

"AdvertYoungsTheHatterVictorianEraBridgeportCT" by not known, printed by Young's, The Hatter - eBay store Web page: Licensed under PD-US via Wikipedia.
AdvertYoungsTheHatterVictorianEraBridgeportCT” by not known, printed by Young’s, The Hatter – eBay store Web page: Licensed under PD-US via Wikipedia.

I had a wonderful extended weekend. Good weather, amazing friends and I got to know a magnificent city by walking a lot – the only way to really discover a new place. Plus, you save on transportation.

And then I read a horrifying review someone made about my first book.

There you are, enjoying the company of people you love and out of the blue someone spills bile all over you and your creation. I felt disheartened and angry. And then just sad that someone would mock me for something I had so much fun doing, hoping it could entertain people interested in erotica.

Don’t get me wrong: I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and should express it. But do you really have to be hurtful?

I know how this sounds (in fact, there’s a “LOL” in my head as I write these words) but my reasoning is you can critique something without letting your inner troll shit all over the place – pardon my “french”.

I know my book isn’t perfect and I’m perfectly aware it’s not exactly Nobel worthy. But I didn’t write it with the intention of creation the next Moby Dick. I did it for fun. I wrote it inspired by TV shows like Sex and the City and Looking. Apparently I failed miserably and wasn’t able to evoke any kind of emotion from this person apart from a desire to show me exactly how many times I used the word “chuckle” (and yes, I’m actually chuckling as I write this. There you have it.).

How to deal with such people? Well, Internet wisdom says to ignore them but I’m already breaking the rule by writing about it. But you know what? It’s cathartic. It’s the way I’m dealing with a review written in a mocking tone that didn’t teach me anything new. Plus, I want new authors to know that life does, indeed, go on. We just have to learn to let it go and accept the fact that not everyone is going to like what we write.

A couple of days after reading the review, I realized the world was still spinning around and I got people congratulating me for my wonderful book.

On the grand scheme of things, this will be just something I’ll tell my friends, a story about the horrors writers go through when they have the courage to take their words out of the drawer and publish them.

I, for one, am embracing my flaws and using them to reinforce the web with which I knitt my stories. You shall not silence me. I’ve just started. And I still have much to say. In the mean time, I’ll be here writing and creating worlds for you to enjoy – hopefully.

Oh, and by the way, my book has finally been edited by a professional. So, no more typos and such. Fingers crossed 🙂


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