Everything’s better in paper

Gibraltar International Literary Festival 2013 (24)” by InfoGibraltarFlickr: FESTIVAL LITERARIO GIBRALTAR25. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

In my last update I told you guys what I’ve been up to. What I didn’t tell you was that I’ve also been working on having my first novella printed. Today, the proof arrived and I’m beyond excited.

I didn’t write about it because formatting your e-book to print isn’t the most straightforward thing one can do. You have to be accurate with dull things like paper sizes, margins, trims and gutters… And then you have to make a cover, because you can’t rely only on a picture. So, it was hard work and I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be able to finish this side project.

But I did it and last week I ordered a proof to review the book and to actually have an idea of what it would look like. Because you can measure all you want and not have a clue of what the final thing will be.

I was actually caught off guard by how happy having my book in paper made me. When the UPS guy arrived earlier this morning, I have to confess that I giggled like a little girl when I opened the package (no pun intended :D). I was so, so thrilled! I still am.

Why is having my book in paper such a big deal? I’m glad you’ve asked. It’s because I’m still very much a physical person. Call me old fashioned, but I love to have a book in my hands, to be able to browse it and catch a whiff off its aroma. And having my book printed is like sealing the deal: I’m now officially a published author.

And, as usual, stay happy people 🙂


2 thoughts on “Everything’s better in paper

  1. Dear James, Opening that package … giggle … it just never gets old! And there’s an etiquette to it also, like—okay, like eating a banana. I confess I just saw the cartoon you posted. And you can write one of your humorous posts about that etiquette. I bow to the master.

    Seriously, congrats on having your opus in print. I keep one in the john, and one by the computer, and others here and there for people to stumble across when they visit. No matter how deeply we sink into the virtual world, being in print is being an author in the oldest sense of the word. One of those dudes who scratched his mark on a stone.

    Write happy, as always. Your friend Erin

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