Snippet from my next book

Good morning!

Today I thought I could do something a bit different and post a snippet from my current work in progress. I hope you like it and please bear in mind that this hasn’t been edited yet. That will come later, after I finish the story. Happy reading 🙂


The music’s thumping reverberated on Scott’s insides. His eyes scanned the room behind the bouncer. It was poorly lit with a dull, red light, but Scott could notice there was a bar on the opposite side. There was a distinct smell to it, like someone had left there an old ashtray for too long, although no one was smoking, not that he could see, at least. The whole place had a slightly dingy feel to it, not because it was in a bad shape, but because it appeared as though someone had forgotten to renovate it, leaving its decor lost somewhere in the ‘80s.

“30 euros, please,” the guy said in a thick accent, handing Russell two tickets that could also be exchanged for drinks.

“Are you sure we’re in the right place?” Scott asked, still looking around, as they walked away from the entrance.

“Yeah, why?”

“Haven you seen this place? It’s a dump!”

Russell chuckled. “It’s not a dump. It’s vintage. It’s supposed to be this way.”

The music grew louder as they approached the bar, where a spiral staircase disappeared into the ground. The ground floor appeared to be only some sort of lounge as the music came from down there.

“Wanna drink something before we explore the dance floor?” Russell asked, now leaning to Scott and talking louder because of the music.

“I think I prefer to see what’s surprises this place has in store for us.”

Russell wiggled his eyebrows and nodded his head towards the stairs. “Shall we go?”

They went down the stairs and landed on a small cubicle with a door, behind which the thumping was impossible to miss. Russell pulled the door handle and Scott was engulfed in almost painfully loud electro music. The big dance floor was completely jam-packed with men jumping up and down, some of them bare-chested, others with a pair of T-shirts and shorts one size too small, that did little to cover up their suggestive shapes. It was too hot in there and the place reeked of sweat.

Scott turned to Russell who seemed captivated by it all. His eyes darted around as if trying to absorb as much of the place as possible, a silly, half grin on his face, like a child entering in a candy shop for the first time. Scott was going to say that the place was awful and it suit them right for falling for some leaflet left on a newsstand, but closed his mouth again. Instead, he turned his head again to the dance floor and tried to see it with a fresh set of eyes and pretended he’d never been in a place like that before.

Most of the guys there were perfectly normal and some were hideous. But there was a small handful of Greek gods, the kind of which you think only exists in magazine’s covers or gay porn, not real life. Scott observed their perfect “casual” attires that must’ve taken hours to choose from a perfect closet of clothing, hugging their muscular bodies and bubble butts; their perfectly trimmed beards and expensive hair cuts; their heavenly smiles and white teeth and felt a paltry specimen for Russell.

“This is awesome,” Russell shouted, leaning in to Scott.

Scott barely heard him. The music filled the space and left no room for casual conversation, penetrating his pores and shaking the walls. “You think?” he shouted back.

Russell was already jumping up and down, a wide grin on his face. “Hell, yeah. Can’t you feel the music?” he said, now dancing around Scott, grinding his hips towards him.

Scott forced himself to pull the corners of his lips up and nodded, taking a step back when Russell’s dick rubbed on his.

“I’m gonna get something to drink. Want something?”

Scott had shouted as hard as he could but he wasn’t really sure if he’d said anything. He barely heard himself and his ears were getting muffled as if covered by earwax. This always happened to him in very loud places.

Russell shook is head, still grinning, and Scott turned around. He had to navigate through a dense maze of sweaty bodies and it wasn’t easy. Some of the guys grabbed his ass as he moved along, but he just ignored them. Typical bait to make conversation? He didn’t really know and didn’t care. He just wanted to make it to the right side of the dance floor where several bartenders flipped bottles in the air.


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