Paranormal, m/m short story. And it’s free!

Image by Admira Wijaya
Image by Admira Wijaya

PS – just to clarify, this is a short, m/m, erotic story. The demon part is there as in fantasy, not as in The Exorcist. Lol. Carry on 😀


This morning I was fighting the dreaded writer’s block and decided to put my current WIP away, and work on something else. I was wanting to write something different for a while and this morning I decided I was not going to wait anymore.

So, what came out of an intense 3 hour session of writing was a paranormal short-story, 3k long, that’s hot and sexy, full of steamy desire and forbidden lust. I decided to publish it here for free because, who doesn’t like a freebie? Actually, I wanted to know what you think. And if there’s enough people who like it, I’ll write this story as soon as i finish my current WIP 😉

As this is a sexually charged story, full of explicit descriptions, I’m gonna make the same warnings from the other day: proceed only if you’re 18+ and only if you’re not easily offended by hot, steamy sex.  😈

Still with me? You can find the full short story here.


4 thoughts on “Paranormal, m/m short story. And it’s free!

  1. WOW!! HOT, HOT!! This is definitely a story that deserves a WIP!! The components of the story bring out the passion, the elements of the unknown and that seed of want that comes to life!! You have to follow up on this story. Too good to leave it like this!!! Want much more of where this leads and the desires of the heart and soul fighting the mind!!! Did I tell you how amazing you are!!! You’re brilliant!! Your works are definitely going to make its mark in this world and you on the top!! So glad I know you!! Pam Kay xxoo❤️

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