Monday updates!

11059205_531270570362882_6873427013109122473_o[3]Hello everyone and happy Monday! A few updates on what has been going on with yours truly.

First of all, last week’s short story received phenomenal feedback. Everyone loved it and want more of it, so I’ve decided I’ll make it into a book. I’m in the plotting stage as now I have to really think of the meaning of everything, including my characters wants and whatnot. But I’m really excited about it as this is completely different from my three first books. To be honest, this kind of stuff speaks a bit more to me, because before being a “real” author, I used to write fantasy stories and this is a topic that I love.

Regarding Scott and Russell, I’d say I’m in the final third of their story. I don’t want to rush it and that’s why I’m putting them on hold for a bit. My muse can’t stop talking about the paranormal story and it’s really difficult to concentrate in Scott and Russell’s story when she’s always whispering things to me about hot sex with demons and stuff — regarding this, I’d like to say that I’m still figuring what the paranormal element in my story will be, but I’m not too inclined in making my demons the religious type. This won’t be some Exorcist spinoff with hot sex thrown in. They are demons in the sense they have powers, abilities and can possess humans but aren’t the same as the Bible demons – so to speak.

Enough with book talking and on to other great stuff!

This weekend I’ve been featured as a guest author over at the wonderful Sinfully Sexy blog. If you want to know more about how I came up with the central idea in Becoming Jake (my latest book) don’t forget to drop by. You’ll also have the opportunity to win an ebook so don’t miss it!

I also have an interview in the lovely Kirsty Vizard’s website that went live today.  If you want to know a bit more about me, don’t forget to click the link.

I guess this is all for now. Be kind people and thank you for all the support. You’re the best readers ever 🙂


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