Paranormal snippet

So here I am, contemplating my own questions and doubts about everything. I’m stuck and can’t believe in myself enough to continue writing, so instead I thought I could share with you a snippet from my paranormal story and feel somewhat productive. I guess this is one of those days.

Mild violence ahead.


The silky darkness of the night was cut in half by a lightning bolt that struck the grounds and ignited the skies, crackling and thundering in a deafening pitch, scaring birds away from their nests. The pitch black of the night was no more, as a white fire burned in that part of the forest’s clearing, casting dancing shadows in the trees nearby. The stillness of that dawn had returned to the forest. The clouds dispersed and the lightning faded. The fire on the ground burned white and silent, seemingly floating an inch above the grass, its flames dancing and stretching its arms into the ski above. The tips of the flames contorted down and the fire was now burning onto itself, curling and collapsing, becoming a sphere. It burned with renovated vigor and intensity for a moment, casting an even brighter light onto the forest, making the shadows dance even more frantically. And then it vanished with a big, silent flare. In its place was a pale creature, curled in the middle of the burnt vegetation the fire had left behind, grabbing its knees in a fetal position with a pair of tiny wings sprouting from his back that receded a moment later. The strange man had milky skin that glinted under the full moon and blond hair with locks of a fiery red so shiny they seemed to be on fire. The man opened his big, pointy, pale-blue eyes and sat on the ground. He scanned his surroundings with his attentive gaze and listened to the silence of the night. Appearing satisfied with what the night had to tell him, he got up onto a pair of strong legs that supported a tall, wide frame. The man’s body was hairless, which accentuated even more his powerful, taut muscles underneath his milky skin.

He strutted into the forest, his sex dangling carelessly at the rhythm of his pace, being pushed forward with every step of his legs. When he reached the threshold of the trees he became aware of the chilly air surrounding him and felt cold. He stopped at this realization and a smirk settled itself on his lips. With a hand gesture that ran through his whole body, the man summoned clothes onto him and his milky skin became covered by a fitted wool suit and a heavy overcoat. He noted how warm he’d become and smiled, satisfied with the result.

He resumed his travel to the forest as his mind began to wake up from the slumber it had been put in. Traveling between planes of existence wasn’t easy and required certain precautions to avoid undesired consequences. A flood of memories gushed through the open gate and he remembered who he was and the purpose of his mission. A worry crease formed across his forehead and he stopped. He sniffed the air and scanned his surroundings again. Beyond the trees there where preying eyes drawn to that place by virtue of his traveling there. They were surrounding him, silently dashing through the vegetation, almost sliding above the ground. He pondered his options. It was too soon to confront them. He was still weak and wouldn’t be able to kill them all. The man looked up, tensioned his legs and jumped into the night’s sky. He landed softly and without any noise on a treetop, many feet above the ground. He crouched on a branch, listening to the sounds of his enemies below. They arrived a moment later, five of them, their noses sniffing the air like hounds, growling and pushing each other like wild animals in a hunt frenzy.

The milky man watched them from above, his flaming, golden hair framing his face and draping his shoulders. He could see them as if the forest was bathed in daylight. They were shaped like men on the outside but he could see them for whom they truly were, for their corruption screamed louder than their deception. Their misshapen legs and arms became evident as they scampered into the clearing, trying to find the cause for that night’s disturbance. The man winced when the wind brought him their putrid smell, but he continued following them with his eyes. When they left the forest, he chased them gliding from treetop to treetop, never letting his guard down. Their stench became harder to endure when he reached the trees that were on the clearing’s threshold. He could see them clearly now, gathered around the burnt vegetation, howling and grunting into the night. It was obvious they knew that he, or someone like him, had arrived and were not happy about it. He pondered his options. He still didn’t felt like his full self but he also couldn’t let them go. He’d lose the element of surprise and that would make his mission much more difficult. He had to risk an attack. And soon, before they scattered and returned to their masters, telling them about their findings.


I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Don’t forget to read for free the short story that gave birth to the current book I’m working on.


7 thoughts on “Paranormal snippet

  1. James you tease I need more of this story. The atmosphere that you set is fantastic. Please stop doubting yourself, you are an amazingly talented writer and you are far to hard on yourself. Take it easy hun x😘

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  2. Oh James, that was incredible. I love it. I can’t wait for it to come out. I didn’t want the snippet to end. Don’t you ever doubt yourself again. Your imagination is running wild. If you ever doubt yourself again, I’m personally coming to the UK to kick your ass. I wish you could see yourself the way we see you. You are phenomenal.


  3. Oh, James this is incredible. I can’t wait for it to come out. I didn’t want the snippet to end. Don’t ever doubt yourself again. Your imagination is running wild. If you ever doubt yourself again, I’ll personally come to the UK and kick your ass. I wish you could see yourself the way we see you. You are phenomenal.

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  4. Mmm how did I miss this?!?
    All I will say is any author that can get me to read Paranormal but have immense talent and you Mr Lee Hard certainly have that in spades.
    Keep writing and keep smiling

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