Happy New Year! Also, exclusive goodies for newsletter subscribers

British Fireworks Championship 2009 11” by NilfanionOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

I can’t believe we’re already in 2016. It’s funny how time flies when you’re an adult and you’re left wondering what happened since the previous year. In my case, I can say a lot.

A year ago, I was beginning to write full-time and afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it. Fast forward to 2016, and I have a trilogy published, a short story and two novellas. I’ve learned a lot in these past months and grown so much as a writer. I can definitely say that today I’m better at what I do than I was a year ago. I’m still not entirely sure if this translates into better stories or not, so I’ll leave that decision to my readers.

In the past year I’ve met incredible people, generous readers that are there to support me every time, who help me spread the word about my books, who are incredibly generous in their reviews. I can’t thank them enough for that and for keeping me company on the Internet. It helps a lot when the only company you have is your refrigerator’s noise. It keeps you from going insane.

So, again thank you and here’s to a wonderful 2016 filled with the people you love and happy moments!

PS – today’s newsletter will have an exclusive preview on my next book. It’s a standalone romance, fell-good kind of story I’m hoping to finish in the next couple of weeks.

If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter, you have until 1.30 a.m. GMT to do it. I promise I won’t spam you 🙂


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