Staying sane in the midst of so much craziness


I won’t lie. I’m pretty stressed out by what’s happening in the world. We now have someone with the emotional depth of a toddler ruling one of the most powerful countries in the world, the winds of far right movements are gaining power in Europe, the Artic is melting and terrorist movements are making everyone believe we were better off if we lived like our grandparents, when no one gave a shit about the other.


This is all depressing, but one thing I found out is that even in the darkest hour there’s always—always—a ray of hope. And that hope is within each one of us that still believes in the good of people, that still believes our children should inherit a better world, that still believes people should be free to be happy and dream.

I’m a Trekkie in the sense that I too dream of the world Gene Roddenberry dreamt, a world where people live in peace, where there are no countries, no money and we all pursue knowledge as something that’s the ultimate goal. Imagine what humankind would be able to achieve if we all focused our energies towards a common goal. Hyperdrives? Unlimited free energy? The end of diseases and suffering?

Until then, I’ll keep writing. Right now, writing is my therapy and my way of coping with all the craziness. When I’m writing I can forget for a moment what’s wrong with the world and create one where my characters will be happy.

Here’s to crazy loving stories, able to overflow their love to real life and transform the ugliness into beauty. ❤


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